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ไทบ้าน เดอะซีรีส์ BNK48

ไทบ้าน เดอะซีรีส์ BNK48 หนึ่งปีต่อมา หลังจากเหตุการณ์ใน ไทบ้านเดอะซีรีส์ 2.2 BNK48 กลุ่มไอดอลหญิงน้องสาวจากประเทศญี่ปุ่นในประเทศไทยประสบกับปัญหาด้านความนิยมของเพลง ทำให้จ๊อบซังเจ้าของบริษัทตัดสินใจเสี่ยงในการทำเพลงลูกทุ่งอีสาน โดยจ้างก้อง ห่วยไร่



This return Jae Kong became more serious. But still remains friendly with the members Sergeant Lod began to make friends with Butter. While Teacher Kaew Sergeant’s girlfriend was not very satisfied. But Sergeant Lod insists that there is nothing more exaggerated than duties and work.

Jae Kong was inspired to compose a new song called From the Heart of this young woman. Kaew, who is talented in the piano, helps come up with a melody. Which when the members heard the request for help singing this song The relationship between Isan singers and idol singers from Bangkok has become tightened together with the modern lifestyle As well as the chemistry between Jalod and the whale doctor remains Until when the 8 members practiced singing this song as requested by Je Kong Not serious Because I don’t understand the meaning of the song I thought that I was singing because I had fun playing together.

Jae Kong was disappointed and sad and canceled the practice. The incident left guilt on all the members, especially Butter. To bear the pressure And the mobile that returned to understand the music As for Butter, when he felt discouraged, he came to vent his heart about the difficulty of singing Isaan songs for Ja to pass. Jalod encourages butter Until Butter has encouraged him to fight The couple became more intimate. Je Kong returned to apologize to the members. And the members apologized to Je Kong as well Everything is going well Everyone began to live happily with Tai Ban. And intercultural exchange Along with the relationship between the dark And all of the mobile phones that slowly blossomed were able to sing as Jae Kong had hoped for And returned