หน้าแรกดูซีรี่ย์ฝรั่งDark Season 1 ซับไทย Ep 1-10 (จบ)

Dark Season 1 ซับไทย

Dark season 1 ซับไทย ปี 2019 แต่ต่อมาเพิ่มขึ้นรวมถึงปี 1986 และ 1953 ผ่านการเดินทางข้ามเวลาเมื่อสมาชิกในครอบครัวศูนย์กลางของการแสดงตระหนักถึงรูหนอนในระบบถ้ำใต้โรงไฟฟ้านิวเคลียร์ในท้องถิ่น รูหนอนอยู่ภายใต้การควบคุมของตระกูล Tiedemann ผู้มีอิทธิพล

Dark Season1 ซับไทย Ep 1
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Dark Season1 ซับไทย Ep 10

In June 2019, 43-year-old Michael Kahnwald commits suicide, but his mother Ines hides his suicide letter before anyone else notices it. On 4 November, after nearly two months of treatment at a psychiatric facility, Michael’s teenage son Jonas returns to school and reunites with his best friend Bartosz Tiedemann, who is now dating Jonas’s love interest, Martha. Erik Obendorf, the high school’s main supplier of marijuana, has been missing for two weeks, and police officer Ulrich Nielsen – the father of Martha and her brothers, teenager Magnus and pre-teen Mikkel – has been assigned the investigation, which struggles to uncover any clues.

Meanwhile, Ulrich is cheating on his wife, high school principal Katharina, with Jonas’s mother Hannah. While searching for Erik’s stash of drugs in a cave not far from the town’s soon-to-be-closed-down nuclear power plant, Jonas, Bartosz, the three Nielsen children, and Franziska Doppler are frightened by strange sounds and their flickering flashlights, and Mikkel disappears as they flee the cave. The next day, the body of a young boy is discovered, but it is not Mikkel. At an unknown location, a hooded figure straps Erik to a chair, while clamping a mechanism around his head.

Mikkel’s disappearance brings back memories from 1986 when Ulrich’s younger brother Mads vanished, and Ulrich starts believing that the disappearances of Erik, Mikkel, and the body of the third boy are related. While searching the caves, he finds a locked door