หน้าแรกดูซีรี่ย์ฝรั่งDark Season 2 ซับไทย Ep 1-8 (จบ)

Dark Season 2 ซับไทย

Dark season 2 ซับไทย ความพยายามที่สานสัมพันธ์กันของครอบครัวในการกลับมารวมตัวกับคนที่รักที่หายไปหลายเดือนหลังจากตอนจบฤดูกาลแรกในปี 2020, 1987 และ 1954 ตามลำดับ เนื้อเรื่องเพิ่มเติมกำหนดไว้ในปี 2053 และ 1921

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In 1921, a young Noah and another man are building a passage into the cave that will become the portal. Noah kills his companion on suspicions that he “lost [his] faith”. The younger Noah is guided by his older self, a member of a group of time travellers called Sic Mundus led by the disfigured and mysterious Adam. Adam tells the older Noah to retrieve the missing pages of Claudia’s diary in preparation for an “apocalypse” that will occur on 27 June 2020.

On 21 June 2020, six days before the apocalypse, things in Winden have grown tense. An investigator, Clausen, arrives to assist Charlotte and the police force with their investigations in the disappearances, which now include Helge, Jonas, and Ulrich. Katharina searches the cave for answers. Martha breaks up with Bartosz, who is now working with Noah. The adult Jonas from the future makes his identity known to his mother, Hannah. Aleksander has his men move a truck of radioactive waste into the power plant.

In 2053, the teenage Jonas is still stuck in post-apocalyptic Winden, having learned of the impending apocalypse. He plans to stop it but is under strict watch by the adult Elisabeth, who survived the apocalypse and now leads a group of survivors. She forbids anyone to enter the power plant under penalty of death. Jonas enters the Dead Zone nonetheless and finds a large, floating amorphous sphere inside the particle reactor. In 1987, Mikkel struggles to live his new life