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Family Business Season 1 ซับไทย

Family business season 1 ซับไทย ในแต่ละวัน Duncans เป็นครอบครัวที่ยืนหยัดซึ่งดำเนินธุรกิจตัวแทนจำหน่ายรถยนต์แปลกใหม่ที่เฟื่องฟูในนิวยอร์ก ในตอนกลางคืนพวกเขาใช้ชีวิตลับๆที่อันตราย เมื่อพวกเขาถูกล้อม Duncans จะต้องติดกันหรือตายแยกกัน

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Family Business Season 1
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The Family Business is an American crime family drama created by Carl Weber and based on his bestselling crime drama book series. Originally developed as an independent film franchise, BET produced it as an eight-episode limited series in 2018.

The series follows the Duncans, an upstanding family that owns and operates an exotic car dealership in New York. It stars Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford and Armand Assante. The first season premiered on November 13, 2018. On December 19, 2019, the series was renewed for a 12-episode second season and will air on the streaming service BET+. The second season premiered on July 2, 2020.

Ernie Hudson as L.C. Duncan – LC Duncan is the patriarch and CEO of the Duncan Family business: Duncan Motors. Known as a no nonsense affluent businessman in the legitimate and underworld, LC’s reputation proceeds him. However it’s finally time to sit back and enjoy life with his wife and grand children so he has finally decided its time to pass on the mantel of leadership.
Valarie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan – The stunning Duncan matriarch who keeps the family together no matter what the challenges are. She can be sweet as pie yet tough as nails and her love for her husband and family can never be challenged.
Armand Assante as Sal Dash – Mafia crime boss and close ally to the Duncan family. Sal has a major concern with certain changes that are happening within the Duncan family