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Homecoming Season 2 ซับไทย

เริ่มต้นด้วยปริศนาใหม่ เมื่อแจ็คกี (จาแนลล์ โมเน่) พบว่าตัวเธอนั้นลอยอยู่บนเรือกลางทะเลสาบ จำไม่ได้ว่าตัวเองไปอยู่ตรงนั้นได้อย่างไรหรือแม้แต่ตัวเธอเป็นใคร การออกค้นหาตัวตนของเธอจะนำเธอไปพบกับกลุ่มไกสต์ บริษัทเพื่อสุขภาพที่ไม่ธรรมดาซึ่งอยู่เบื้องหลังโครงการโฮมคัมมิ่งอันฉาวโฉ่ Homecoming season 2 ซับไทย

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Homecoming Season2 ซับไทย Ep 7
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Homecoming Season 2

Homecoming is an American psychological thriller web television series, based on the Gimlet Media podcast of the same name created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, that premiered on November 2, 2018, on Prime Video. The series was created by Horowitz and Bloomberg who also serve as writers and executive producers alongside Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Julia Roberts, Alex Blumberg, Matt Lieber, and Chris Giliberti. Esmail also directed every episode of the first season, which stars Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James, Shea Whigham, Alex Karpovsky,

The series was given an initial series order for two seasons. The second season deviates from the podcast and features a new story and characters. The second season was directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and stars Janelle Monáe, Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack with Stephan James and Hong Chau returning from the first season. The second season premiered on May 22, 2020.

Heidi Bergman had been a social worker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a live-in facility run by the Geist Group; the facility ostensibly helped soldiers transition to civilian life, though why they needed this help is unclear. Four years later, Bergman has started a new life working as a waitress but has difficulty remembering her time at Homecoming. After a U.S. Department of Defense auditor inquires as to why she left Homecoming,

Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman (season 1), Walter’s caseworker who is employed at a secret government facility, the Homecoming Transitional Support Center.