Misty พากย์ไทย

Misty พากย์ไทย เรื่องราวของผู้ประกาศข่าวยอดนิยม โกฮเยรัน (คิม นัม-จู) ซึ่งถูกสงสัยในคดีฆาตกรรม สามีของเธอ คังแทอุค (จี จิน-ฮี) ซึ่งเป็นอัยการจึงตัดสินใจปกป้องเธอผ่านกระบวนการต่อสู้กับข้อหาฆาตกรรมและทั้งคู่ก็กลับมาใกล้ชิดกันอีกครั้ง

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Misty (Korean: 미스티; RR: Miseuti; MR: Misŭt’i) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Kim Nam-joo and Ji Jin-hee. The series marks Kim Nam-joo’s small screen comeback after six years.[4][5] It aired on JTBC’s Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00 KST time slot from February 2 to March 24, 2018.

Go Hye-ran (Kim Nam-joo) becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Her husband Kang Tae-wook (Ji Jin-hee) ends up being her legal counsel despite their marriage being on the rocks.

Kim Nam-joo as Go Hye-ran[9]
Park Shi-woo [ko] as young Go Hye-ran
A skilled and popular anchorwoman.
Ji Jin-hee as Kang Tae-wook[10]
A former prosecutor but is now working as a public defender.
Jeon Hye-jin as Seo Eun-joo
Kevin Lee’s wife and Hye-ran’s friend from school.
Im Tae-kyung as Ha Myung-woo,[11] a prisoner.
Seo Ji-hoon as young Ha Myung-woo
Go Jun as Lee Jae-yeong / Kevin Lee
A pro-golfer and Seo Eun-joo’s husband.
Jin Ki-joo as Han Ji-won[12]
Junior anchorwoman and Hye-ran’s rival.
Ahn Nae-sang as Kang Ki Joon, a detective.

People at JBC
Lee Geung-young as Jang Gyu-seok, JBC news director
Lee Sung-wook [ko] as Oh Dae-woong
Koo Ja-sung as Kwak Gi-seok, a junior reporter[13]
Lee Ah-hyun as Lee Yun-jung

The series marks musical actor Im Tae-kyung small screen debut.[11][16]
The first script reading of the cast was held in October 2017