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One Fine Week 2 ซับไทย

One fine week 2 ซับไทย ดาอึนทำงานพาร์ทไทม์และคิมบยอลเป็นไอดอล สองสาวที่หน้าตาเหมือนกันตัดสินใจเปลี่ยนชีวิตกันและกันเพียง 7 วัน และตอนนี้ 1 ปีต่อมาพวกเขาตัดสินใจเปลี่ยนอีกครั้งเพราะเหตุการณ์เดียว! หนึ่งสัปดาห์พิเศษกำลังจะเริ่มต้นใหม่

One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 1
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 2
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 3
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 4
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 5
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 6
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 7
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 8
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 9
One Fine Week 2 ชับไทย Ep 10

The heart-fluttering web drama “One Fine Week” also known as “7 Days of Romance” is back for a season 2! The drama is part of our Top 12 Best Romance Korean Web Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist. The web drama is well-loved and fans are excited at the announcement of season 2.

Lovelyz’s JiSoo and former MYTEEN’s Shin JunSeop are still the same leads from season 1. The first season is their main previous experience in acting. Lee KiTaek (newly added in this season 2) is a model and actor who previously acted in “In Seoul 2”.

The drama is produced by WHYNOT media who previously worked on “Best Mistake”, “Kiss Goblin”, “Single & Ready To Mingle”, etc. Check out the links at the end of the article to watch the episodes with English subtitles.

If you missed season 1, don’t forget to check the video summarizing the season here. The drama will be available every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM KST on KOKTV YouTube and V-Live.

Da Eun works part-time and Kim Byul is an idol. These two girls who look alike decide to change each other’s lives just for 7 days. And now 1 year later, they decided to change one more time because of one event! A special one week is about