หน้าแรกดูซีรี่ย์ฝรั่งThe Order Season 1 ซับไทย Ep 1-10 (จบ)

The Order Season 1 ซับไทย

The order season 1 ซับไทย เพื่อแก้แค้นให้แม่ของเขาตายนักศึกษาวิทยาลัยคนหนึ่งให้คำมั่นสัญญากับคำสั่งลับและเข้าสู่สงครามระหว่างมนุษย์หมาป่าและผู้ฝึกฝนเวทมนตร์แห่งความมืด

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The plot is pretty captivating in its initial concept, but I don’t think it’s realized fully in this first season. The structure of the episodes is incredibly slow, feeling like chapters in a book as opposed to individual episodes that feel interesting on their own. A single episode will be devoted to a specific task, like being initiated, or starting to learn magic, but it takes a long time, over half the series, for the momentum to catch up. And, by that time, the audience may have grown weary.

The second half of the season picks up and becomes more exciting with some twists I did not expect. Episode 6 is the turning point where the series starts showing signs of potential and is the start of the really appealing parts of the show. Not just because it introduces action and intrigue, but it’s the first time we get a scene that is genuinely frightening and devastating. It’s just frustrating that it takes so long to reach this point.

The dialogue throughout each episode is what damages the series most. If it isn’t recycled from other shows, it features jokes that have trouble landing. When there is the opportunity for a great scene to be adorned with fantastic lines, it is often squandered and deflated by one that ruins the tempo of the conversation. There are some moments where the confrontations start