หน้าแรกดูหนังออนไลน์Train of the Dead (2007) พากย์ไทย

Train of the Dead (2007) พากย์ไทย

Train of the dead (2007) พากย์ไทย วัยรุ่นห้าคน โจ๊ก (หัวหน้าแก๊ง) ตุ๊ด Ake ล่อขี้ยา ไก่ปากใหญ่และมิถุนายนปล้นโรงเรียนอนุบาลอย่างไร้เหตุผล ระหว่างการไล่ล่าของตำรวจรถของพวกเขาหักเลี้ยวและพุ่งชนร้านค้าเล็ก ๆ แก๊งคลานออกจากรถและเจ้าของร้านถูกจับเป็นตัวประกัน พวกเขาหนีเข้าไปในตู้รถไฟที่ว่างเปล่า พวกเขาวางแผนที่จะรอที่นั่นในคืนนี้หลังจากนั้นพวกเขาสามารถแบ่งของขวัญและแยกย้ายกันไป



Five teenagers : Joke (the gang-leader), transvestite Ake, Mued the junkie, Kai the big mouth and June, insolently rob a kindergarten. During the police chase, their get-away car swerves and crashes into a small shop. The gang crawls out of the car and the shop owner is taken as a hostage. They escape into an empty train carriage. They plan to wait there for the night after which they can divide the loot and go their separate ways. Unexpectedly, all of this new train’s passengers are extremely rich. Joke sees a chance to make more money by robbing the passengers. As he was about to start with the robbery, suddenly no one was there. Shockingly Joke realized that he and his friends are no longer alive and the passengers are all ghosts. It seems the ghost will be taking the passengers to their final judgment. Written by Anonymous

Transparent as a window, effects like a drunk first-year student, and yet! And yet! In the first three minutes we had this pegged as a B-movie, and yet the characters were so amusing I actually wondered, not what would happen, but how it would happen. The ghost-seeing druggie was particularly interesting. And remarkably progressive: the girls are pretty but don’t get undressed or sexualised and there’s an openly gay character whose sexuality is rarely mentioned, but more importantly wasn’t a crime. To try to explain the plot would be pointless: if you want good effects, exciting fight scenes, and a complex plot, this not it. But if you enjoy a top-notch movie so bad you can’t help but laugh, this is the one. Oh, and on Netflix, it’s the train